Why I'm different ?

There are tons of great photographers out there, but I have specific characteristics that could help you decide if I'm quite the right photographer for you.

I'm technically skilled.
Yeah !

I was born in 1974, I'm not a boy with a camera :-)
I'm technically prepared thanks to years of passionate devotion to photography and digital imaging workflow.
I even teached photography classes and workshops all over Italy.
My technical and stylistic background help me to be confident and prepared to create an emotional and complete story of you and your love :-)

I don't shoot only weddings

Yes, I'm a wedding and portrait photographer, but I also work in commercial photography taking pictures for fashion, advertising, still life projects for small and big brands.

When in slow season for weddings I don't stop working and I keep living with photography in mind. My other secializations have brought a positive contamination to my wedding photography, giving me a complete vision of what I can do with images, for you and your best day.

I'm not a picture factory,
I'm a craftsman

I don't shoot 300 weddings per year, and I don't want to do that. For anything in the world !
I just shoot the weddings that I know I can take care of.
I take my time editing pictures one by one, by myself, perfecting the story with my own personal color style.
I choose the best craftsmen for your prints, albums, boxes and other goodies.
I don't shoot weddings with 500 guests, because I like romantic mood, intimate feel, ebony/ivory vibes...