FindYourHues Watercolor Painting for Paolo Ferraris Wedding

9 December 2017

I always love creative  influences between different kinds of visual arts and when I first saw these works painted by two american painters (they are actually a couple from California) I was shocked.

They use wedding portraits of couples as an inspiration and paint them using watercolor, creating a particular style and mood, that keep the emphasis on pose and feeling. Leaving the faces out of focus adds a sort of simplification and gentle feeling to their work.

I have to admit that I like their works very much, and they liked mine. so we started to chat on INSTAGRAM and we decided to collaborate. I gave a portrait of mine to inspire their next painting and now we show you the final result.

They are Find Your Hues, George and Esther, a couple of young and talented american artists. They met in an art class when they were very young and decided that thay wanted to paint together for a long time. They now work on each painting together and have so much fun doing it. It’s like their date night!

They love partnering with photographers to bring another amazing piece of fine art to their clients.

They keep the paintings very whimsical and dreamy with the faces being left out of focus and the background soft with a lot of movement and color.

If you want to see other works from these artists you can check out their Instagram at @findyourhues or drop them a line to

Below you can find their painting and my wedding couple portrait that inspired the artwork, and  don’t miss the stunning video that George and Eshter created to give you a sneak peak of their painting work (you can find it at the beginning of this page).


Couple Portrait Session - Table Style Set - Italian Destination Wedding Photographer

Couple Portrait Session - Table Style Set - Italian Destination Wedding Photographer - fotografo matrimonio pavia milano

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