About Me

I’m passionate about people, not photography

This is the reason why I decided to tell love stories as a job.
If you are here, you probably have a story to tell, and you want the person who will take care of your memories to be sensitive, empathetic, and to have always curious child’s eyes.
This is the reason why we are going to become friends.

Telling love stories is my job, people is my passion

I’m a passionate italian Wedding Photographer. I am in love with beautiful and authentic things, people with experiences to tell, I love hugs, new friends, laughs that hurt muscles, and inside wedding photography I found a channel to unleash my eclectic, passionate character.

I love the smell of grass just cut, morning sun, june sea after seven, sushi, italian icecream and people that laugh with no reason; who is moved in front of a sunset and people searching for beauty in any little thing.

Wedding photography is about people and their stories; unique pahts in which I love to enter smiling, and from which I get out with wet eyes.

And now … why don’t we talk about your love story ?

Let me tell your story !

Feel free to drop me a line to get to know me better

Upcoming travel dates

MARCH 12-17



TURIN (Pidemont - Italy)

JUNE 23-30

BISCEGLIE (Apulia - Italy)


TURIN (Pidemont - Italy)


PAESTUM-POMPEI (Campania- Italy)

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